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25th Amendment Political Action Committee
The 25th Amendment PAC is dedicated to achieving rapid removal of President Trump, either by the exercise of the 25th  Amendment or impeachment, as he is dangerous and psychologically unfit to serve.



Legislative Affairs
One of the missions of Duty To Warn is to support legislation which helps mitigate or address the clear danger posed by Trump. We also want to recognize representatives who have taken a stand.

H.R.1987 – (House Bill) – Oversight Commission on President Capacity Act
115th Congress (2017-2018) | Get alerts | Read the bill here
Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin has taken a bold and important step by introducing a bill that would mandate a procedure for medically and psychiatrically evaluating a president who is suspected of being incapacitated to a degree that would require removal under the 25th Amendment, i.e., The Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity.





H.R.669 – (House Bill) – Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017
115th Congress (2017-2018) | Get alerts | Read the bill here

The bill aims to get the nuclear gun out of Trump’s hands.

H.R. 669, sponsored by Representative Ted Lieu of California, which prohibits the President from using the Armed Forces to conduct a first-use nuclear strike unless such strike is conducted pursuant to a congressional declaration of war expressly authorizing such strike.

“First-use nuclear strike” means a nuclear weapons attack against an enemy that is conducted without the President determining that the enemy has first launched a nuclear strike against the United States or a U.S. ally.







Duty To Warn recognizes those who have been the most
outspoken about Donald Trump’s mental health.

1) Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin introduced HR1987 calling for the establishment of an  “Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity” that could evaluate the president’s mental and psychiatric competence for removal under the 25th amendment if needed. Trump’s “incapacity must be seriously addressed,” he said.

2) Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer was one of the architects of HR1987. Read his op-ed in the Oregonian here.  “The erratic behavior of Donald Trump has raised new questions about his mental and emotional capacity to discharge the tremendous burdens of the most powerful position in the world.”

3) Former Republican New Hampshire Senator Gordon Humphrey has openly called for Trump’s removal under the 25th Amendment, as written here. Humphrey said the president’s “sick and reckless conduct could consume the lives of millions,” and he should be relieved of his duties “at the earliest possible date.” He added, “He is sick of mind, impetuous, arrogant, belligerent and dangerous.”

4) California Congresswoman Karen Bass Congratulations to the representative from Los Angeles, also a registered nurse, who put a petition online, seen here, for mental health professionals about Donald Trump’s mental health before we did! It states “Donald Trump is dangerous for our country. His impulsiveness and lack of control over his own emotions are of concern. It is our patriotic duty to raise the question of his mental stability to be the commander in chief and leader of the free world. Mr. Trump appears to exhibit all the symptoms of the mental disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).” She obtained over 37,000 signatures.

5) Minnesota Senator Al Franken has spoken out. In this New York Daily News article, seen here, “Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) suggested Sunday that he thought President Trump was suffering from poor mental health and claimed some of his Republican colleagues felt the same way.” Or hear him here on CNN, “This is not the norm for a human being.”

6) California Congressman Ted Lieu has proposed a bill that would require an in-house psychiatrist in the White House. Read it here.  “His disconnection from the truth is incredibly disturbing…That’s why I’ve concluded he is a danger to the republic.”

7) Former Republican Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz proposed a bill, seen here, that would require all presidential candidates to undergo a psychiatric exam. “If you’re going to have your hands on the nuclear codes, you should probably know what kind of mental state you’re in.”

8) California Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi has said she would “eagerly back legislation requiring Donald Trump to have a mental health examination.” Read more here.

9) Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth “openly questioned the president’s mental health” describing him as “totally unfit for the office he serves.” Read more here.

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